PUBG mobile PC Tencent – Tencent’s Best-ever Emulator for PUBG Mobile


Pubg mobile game is one of the most popular games at this time. Every game lover wants to play PUBG mobile game on mobile. This game is available for mobile and pc both. Mobile and pc versions are not the same if you are a pc pubg lover then you can see new maps and new backgrounds on pc. The pc game lover cannot play this game directly on pc. So, game owners help their pc lover users in this situation. The game owner launched an emulator named “Tencent Gaming Buddy”. Tencent gaming buddy emulator helps to run pubg mobile games on your pc. This is a very easy method if you have zero skill on pc you can run pubg mobile games on pc through this emulator. this software is available in two languages English and Chinese. It is completely free so everyone can easily download it.

This emulator helps you to emulate android apps and games into computers. This emulator is a pubg mobile new emulator in the global market. This tool installation is very easy, and this is a good optimization to install no VPN required to create a new account. You only have to just download the tool and you can start playing a game in a few seconds. In this tool, you can see many customization options. this tool also allows you to control pubg mobile overlay. This tool also controls context sensitivity which means that the control scheme should to adopt you are driving or opening up the game. and much more options available including tapping or holding your hotkey for toggling the ads.

Tencent buddy gaming (Tencent emulator) can also be played on low-end computers. The regular pc version of the game pubg faces optimizing issues when played on those computers that don’t have the required hardware. And if you have a fairly high-end pc then your gaming experience is better day by day, and also better for those game user who is using the low-end computer. And the good thing is that when you are playing a game you may change the screen resolution to 720p, Full HD, and even 2k along with this.


The features of Tencent Gaming Buddy

Here are a few features of the Tencent emulator software that you should be knowing. Let’s have a look.

  1. So here are a few features of the Tencent emulator software that you should know here is a look.
  2. This emulator supports android pubg mobile games by allowing it to play on pc without any issue.
  3. It has controls which make it easy to play and download pubg mobile on pc.
  4. This software automatically installs the pubg game on pc for the very first time without having much time and effort.
  5. This emulator is available in two languages Chinese and English.
  6. It allows much customization so you can easily control overlay 
  7. Tencent emulator doesn’t ask for any type of creation, hence you do not need to register on it for downloading.

How to Download Tencent Gaming Buddy for PC?

So today I will show you how to download the Tencent emulator for pc, you have to follow some easy steps 

  • First, download the file link below and install the file on your pc. 

 Download .exe

  • If you install the file. Then click on start to run the interface.
  • It will then start downloading the gaming engine is starting to download the game on pc.
  • After completing the downloading, it will start to download the main game of pubg mobile from the server.
  • The maximum downloading data may vary from 1.5 Gb to 2.0. And after downloading is complete then you can simply play the game by clicking on the play button


Setting for PUBG mobile on Tencent Emulator

After downloading and successfully then you  play the game, the following controls will be available by default on the Tencent Gaming Buddy Emulator:

1. Shift: Sprint.

  1. Mouse Lock: AutoRun.
  2. Throwable Items: 4, 5, 6.
  3. Healing Items: 7, 8, 9, 0.
  4. F1: To have quick look at all the controls.
  5. F: To Interact
  6. WASD: To move forward, left, backward, and right.
  7. Left Click: Fire, Punch or use Melee Weapon.
  8. Right Click: ADS.
  9. Space Bar: Jump.
  10. C: Crouch.
  11. Z: Prone.
  12. Free Look: Click ALT & use the mouse to look around.


If you have any issues with these settings and you want to change the setting simply click on the top corner of the Tencent emulator and click on the setting tab which will show the second option on the bottom. You can change the language, display, resolution, graphic, and engine rendering, or change a lot of other options.



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