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Secure Messenger: Business privacy and individual correspondence

SafeUM is an extensive answer for secure interchanges. It firmly encodes texts, voice calls, video calls, bunch visits and documents.

We have made it our central goal to give the best security among correspondence applications for far reaching use.

The 256-bit Elliptical Beauty Curve encryption calculation gives an elevated degree of safety that fulfills present day guidelines and prerequisites and safeguards your private data.

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SafeUM is the ideal answer for secure private and business interchanges.


Why change to SafeUM?

Secure Messenger Features:

Encoded bunch visits

– Enrollment without a SIM card, just with login and secret key

Utilize 3 records on each gadget in turn

– Discussion history can be incapacitated by both simultaneously.

The quantity of messages showed

– cross stage

Account login control

Account approval date

– Free encoded voice and video calls inside the SafeUM organization

– Specialized Support



– Neighborhood information isn’t put away on your gadget. You can constantly have safe admittance to your information. At no point ever lose your information in the future.

– “Broadened Encoder” mode.

– Affirm the encryption keys of your visit band together with a QR code

– Three degrees of record access with three PIN numbers.

– Your own data isn’t accessible when you are on open organizations (like Wi-Fi)

– Security cautions for account hacking

– Dynamic age of mystery key for each message

Extra security: The computerized signature guarantees the trustworthiness of the sent information as well as the legitimacy of the speaker.


SafeUM keeps every one of your information classified utilizing dependable calculations.

For a rundown of SafeUM applications for various stages, kindly visit our site:


While enlisting with SafeUM, the client gets a telephone number in the arrangement +3712 Ххх-Хххх (more – number).


On account of the client:

– Try not to top off the number for two weeks (14 days) from the date of enlistment.


The last at least 14 days from the last movement (approaching/active calls) with the number, the equilibrium on the record is 0.00 €.

SafeUM claims all authority to pull out the number.


Drawing numbers doesn’t influence the usefulness of the client’s record (counting discussions and calls from other SafeUM clients inside SafeUM).


Recovery of numbers is in fact unthinkable.


The number isn’t removed in the event that the equilibrium is positive.


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