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Online Matchmaking Service: Seeking a Female Marriage Proposal in the Dubai


In the mesmerizing city of Dubai, where dreams take flight against the backdrop of towering skyscrapers, resides Tanya – a 24-year-old, ready to script a new chapter in her life. This chapter, she hopes, will be filled with the magic of a newfound relationship, one that will weave seamlessly into the fabric of her dreams.

About Tanya:

Born and raised in the vibrant streets of Delhi, Tanya is a woman of simplicity, yet her heart resonates with unspoken stories. Her radiant smile hides the tales of countless aspirations, and her eyes sparkle with a longing for a connection that transcends the ordinary.

About Me:

In the tapestry of life, I am a simple soul yearning for more than just moments of joy. My heart is a sanctuary of sincerity, and I seek a partner whose heart resonates with the same purity. To me, a relationship is an expedition, where understanding and empathy guide our path.


I am in search of a companion who not only comprehends the tapestry of my dreams but also stands as a pillar of support in my journey. Our connection should be more than a mere union of two souls; it should be a shared odyssey. I seek a confidant who doubles as my friend.

Looking For:

Tanya, in her youthful vigor, seeks a partner whose age is a trivial detail. More important to her are the virtues of honesty and wisdom within a relationship. She envisions a companion who walks hand in hand, propelling each other forward in the pursuit of dreams.


As Tanya stands at the threshold of a new chapter, she extends her hand in search of a companion to join her on this expedition. If you embody compassion, understanding, and an openness to embrace a new relationship, then perhaps you are the missing piece in Tanya’s quest for love.

I hope this extended version is user-friendly and meets your expectations. If you have any further requests or adjustments, feel free to let me know.


Age: 33-35
Marital Status: Divorced
Height: 6 feet 0 inches
City: Birmingham
Quality of life: Simple
Education: Uneducated
Occupation: Private Firm



Local preference: Urdu speaking,

Matchmaking Service Online | Other requirements:

Looking for someone who is loving simple loyal and honest.



Phone #:

(Hidden for You)

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