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Are you on the lookout for an exciting career opportunity in the heart of Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan? Look no further! Special Communications Organization (SCO) Rawalpindi is thrilled to invite enthusiastic and dedicated candidates to apply for the position of Naib Qasid. In this friendly blog post, we’re here to provide you with all the essential details about this job opening, including eligibility criteria, application process, and important dates.

About Special Communications Organization (SCO)

Before we dive into the specifics, let’s get to know SCO a little better. Special Communications Organization (SCO) is a prestigious government institution that has left an indelible mark on the telecommunications and IT sector in Pakistan. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, SCO has been a pioneer in providing cutting-edge communication services and infrastructure. Joining the SCO family means becoming a part of an organization that values innovation, teamwork, and offers exciting opportunities for career growth.

Position Overview – Naib Qasid

Now, let’s explore what it means to be a Naib Qasid at SCO Rawalpindi and the key responsibilities associated with the role:

Key Responsibilities
Supporting Administrative Tasks: Assisting in administrative tasks such as filing, record-keeping, and document handling.
Office Maintenance: Maintaining cleanliness and organization within the office premises.
Mail Handling: Managing incoming and outgoing mail and ensuring timely distribution.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the Naib Qasid position at SCO Rawalpindi, candidates must meet the following criteria:

  • Education: The preferred education level for this position is Middle or Primary. However, candidates with equivalent qualifications will also be considered.

How to Apply

If you’re excited about this career opportunity with SCO Rawalpindi, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to apply:

  1. Visit the Official Website: Go to the official website of SCO Rawalpindi to access the application form and job advertisement.
  2. Download Application Form: Download the application form and carefully fill it out with accurate information.
  3. Attach Documents: Ensure that you attach all the required documents, including your educational certificates, CNIC, and recent passport-sized photographs.
  4. Submit Application: Submit your completed application form along with the necessary documents to the designated address as mentioned in the advertisement.

Important Dates

Interested candidates should take note of the following important dates:

  • Advertisement Publication Date: September 23, 2023
  • Application Deadline: October 10, 2023 (or as per the closing date mentioned in the newspaper ad)

Remember, it is essential to submit your application within the specified timeframe to be considered for this fantastic opportunity.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Let’s address some common questions you might have:

Q1: What is SCO Rawalpindi?

A1: Special Communications Organization (SCO) Rawalpindi is a government institution renowned for its contributions to the telecommunications and IT sector in Pakistan.

Q2: What is the position of Naib Qasid?

A2: The Naib Qasid is responsible for assisting with administrative tasks, office maintenance, and mail handling at SCO Rawalpindi.

Q3: What are the eligibility criteria for the Naib Qasid position?

A3: Candidates with a Middle or Primary education level (or equivalent) are eligible to apply for this position.

Q4: How can I apply for the Naib Qasid position at SCO Rawalpindi?

A4: To apply, visit the official SCO Rawalpindi website, download the application form, fill it out accurately, attach the required documents, and submit your application to the designated address.

Q5: What are the important dates to remember for this job opening?

A5: The advertisement was published on September 22, 2023, and the application deadline is October 10, 2023 (or as per the closing date mentioned in the newspaper ad).

Don’t miss out on this incredible chance to become a part of SCO Rawalpindi’s dynamic team. Apply now and embark on a rewarding career journey with a leading government organization committed to excellence. Your contribution as a Naib Qasid can make a significant impact on the organization’s success. Good luck with your application!

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