Ehsaas Aghosh Program 17000 Online Registration 2023

This article will cover the complete details of Ehsaas Aghosh Program 17000 Online Registration 2023.

Federal Minister for BISP Shazia Marri said that under this new Ehsaas Program 17000, deserving candidates will get Rs.17000.

Earlier, this Ehsaas Aghos program was limited to Karachi and 15 other districts, now it has been extended to almost all the five provinces. This program was first started in two districts of Sindh. Thatta and Sajawal and the main objective of this program is to introduce Nashunoma to people.

The federal minister further said that we are in contact with the Sindh government. To improve this program. BISP and the Ehsaas Development Program are working together to improve health and nutrition issues across Pakistan.

It is a conditional health and nutrition assistance program of the Government of Pakistan to control the problem of stunting among children under 23 months of age. Ehsaas Nashnooma Program aims to provide the following facilities to curb the problem of stunting in children below 23 months of age.

The total budget of this Ehsaas Aghosh is around Rs 8,520 crore. All funds for this program are fully provided by the Government of Pakistan. As part of the first phase, the program was launched in August 2020.

The duration of the program is three years. As of August 2020, all 50 Ehsaas Aghosh centers have been opened in 14 districts. Ehsaas Agosh Centers will be opened in every district. Financial assistance to needy families will continue for three years.

What is growth retardation?
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), stunting is a developmental disability that occurs as a result of improper diet and persistent infection. In Pakistan, high rates of stunting (40.2%), underweight (28.9%), and underemployment (17.7%) point to the current crisis of child nutrition. Stents affect brain function, organ development and the immune system, ultimately limiting productivity.

How important is Ehsaas Agoos Program 17000?
In his maiden address to the nation, the Prime Minister highlighted malnutrition and pledged to tackle the problem. Under the vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan, the Ehsaas program introduced a new Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) scheme called “Ehsaas Nashnuma”.

Benefits and facilities of Ehsaas Aghoos program
Provision of special nutritious food for pregnant and lactating women, especially children (less than 23 months). The conditional quarterly grant is aimed at consumer health and nutrition services (a quarterly grant of Rs 1,500 per quarter for pregnant and lactating women and children and Rs 2,000 per child for girls) and pregnant women, women, infants And to provide vaccine facility for children. less than 23 months).

Note: Breastfeeding, hygiene, and nutrition awareness sessions every trimester antenatal/postnatal care.

How to implement the Ehsaas Aghosh Program 2023 in practice?
In the first phase, a pilot project was launched in 14 districts of the country, selected on the basis of the highest growth rate and in consultation with the responsible state health department.

50 Ehsaas Aghosh Centers have been established at Tehsil level which can provide all health related facilities and services at one place. The World Health Organization (WHO) was commissioned as the implementing partner to carry out all program activities.

Keeping track of the Ehsaas Aghoos program
At the Ehsaas Agoos Program Center, eligible mothers and babies register and are tracked for the program through the Ehsaas Nashnuma Android app.

Additionally, distribution and consumption are tracked through barcodes and recipient serial numbers on nutritious food packaging.

Objectives of Ehsaas Aghosh Program
Multiple Intended Beneficiaries In the first phase, 221,000 households in 15 districts of Pakistan will be registered. Based on the results, the scope of the Ehsaas Agoos program will be expanded.

Ehsaas Agoos Program 2023 Eligibility Criteria
All pregnant and lactating women and children under the age of 23 months can register.
This program focuses on Pakistani government’s Ehsaas Kafalat families.
Deserving women are socially mobilized through Lady Health Workers and Lady Health Supervisors.
Attend hygiene, breastfeeding, and nutrition training.
Quarterly Vaccination
Pregnancy and Postnatal Care Quarterly
Eat at least 90 percent nutritious foods each month.
After a maximum period of 15 months in pregnant and lactating women (9 months pregnant and 6 months breastfeeding)
Maximum period of 23 months for children
Beneficiaries will be excluded from the program in the following cases:
In case of late payment for two consecutive quarters
When the pregnancy is over.
Districts included in Ehsaas Agoos Program 2023
The initial phase of the Ehsaas Agoos program includes:

the garden
Hattian Bala

Ehsas Kafalat Scheme 18000

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